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Kami L.

Channeling, Clairvoyance, Tarot

Call me a common-sense Psychic! Using my skills as an Empath (the ability to tune directly into your feelings, emotions and knowledge) I use Tarot, Channeling, Clairvoyance and Energy Reading to connect with you, your Guides and your Higher Self. In many readings I also channel wisdom and guidance from Deities. From my experiences I also am sensitive to and aware of multi-dimensional realties and can help you to understand and interpret unusual experiences you may have had.

Whether you need advice about your relationship, your career or your life-path, I can help you to understand the situation you are currently challenged by and give you detailed choices that will bring you the results you are seeking. I utilize the Tarot as a common starting point for most of my readings. A reading can, and typically does, encompass channeled information from Spirit, Guides, and Ancestors as well.   I can do a reading for you based on yes/no answers, but I believe that an expanded awareness of the situation is where the value lies. I assist you in seeing more of the ‘big picture’ and perhaps we will laugh a little on the way.

Our world can be a strange and confusing place; at times we all need assistance in shining the light on our lives.  I have been blessed  with mentors, teachers, healers, and psychics who walked with me on this  journey providing the light I needed to see clearly at the time.  I would be honored to walk with you for awhile helping to hold the lantern until you can see clearly again. 

I am often asked how long I have been "doing this".  Well, I remember my dolls whispering to me as child  and watching the colors in the air.  I also remember laying awake at night praying for the absence of visions when I was an adolescent desperate to fit in. 

The women in my family never spoke of gifts or secrets, but in the 1960's a child who knew more about other people and their situations then they knew themselves was a challenge.  My mother did the best she could to not belittle me and still keep some peace.  We kept most of our knowledge to ourselves.  My aunt could see and speak with the dead, and my mother would know what others were thinking and feeling.  My first student was my mother.   The joy of being able to validate, give meaning, and terminology to what she had known her entire life means a great deal to me.   She taught me that there is always more to know and experience.   My mother passed in 2007 and now we work together each on our own side of  the veil. She is helping me to embrace the meduimship that is the family legacy.

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Client Testimonials:

"Kami is a highly accurate psychic who is authentic to the path of a lightworker. Her guidance is clear and her heart is open. Just sharing space with her while receiving information can be healing and creates openings in your heart and mind. I highly recommend taking the time to experience her work." Lisa

"I have had several readings done by Kami. Her accuracy is impressive. Her focus goes immediately to details of a question or insight well beyond the obvious empirical realm. Kami reads honestly what she sees, so don't ask if you don't really want to know." Dennis

"Where do I start sharing about my experiences with Kami…….. I first began seeing Kami for readings a few years ago. Since then several members of my family and close friends have also become repeat customers. We all continue to seek readings with Kami because we are looking for someone who is accurate and has a comfortable presence as well as pleasant personality. She has never disappointed; only continues to amaze with the calm wisdom she shares. I am certain you will have similar experiences should you have the pleasure of speaking with Kami." Dominique

"Kami has offered me unique insights in her readings by drawing from not only what is in the cards but from her clairaudient abilities as well. She is sensitive and creates a sense of peace during even difficult readings. I have had pleasant experiences with Kami as a reader and a spiritual counselor as she has brought forth not only her wisdom, abilities, vast knowledge, but her humor as well. I have seen several readers throughout my life, and I have found Kami to be one of the exceptional ones as she is a natural counselor whose readings flow and delve into the pragmatic world as well as the spiritual world thus creating a sense of confidence and truth." Denise