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Lizanne Flynn

Intuitive, Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master

Lizanne Flynn is an intuitive who works equally well with both humans and animals as demonstrated by her training and certifications as a Reiki Master and Teacher and a Canine Massage Therapist. She sees, hears, feels, knows and sometimes tastes and smells information on an intuitive level. As an intuitive spiritual counselor, Lizanne helps clients reconnect with their Divine Selves and remove blocks that may be interfering with their lives and impeding their life's journey. Her work includes exploring past lives, and connecting with Guides and Angels so the true purpose of a life event whether it's occurring via career, relationship or health can be gently and safely revealed for the lesson being presented by the soul. Lizanne's abilities as a medical intuitive clarify past, present and future health issues so clients – both human and animal - can reconnect with their bodies and form a relationship with their body based on health, harmony and love.

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