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Machelle Earley

Empath, Intuitive, Tarot

Machelle is an empathic and intuitive tarot consultant who uses her gifts to guide others in a straightforward and compassionate way. A lifelong student of metaphysics, her love of tarot deepened in 1999 when she began supplementing her natural abilities with classes to further understand the mysteries and complexities of this remarkable tool. She truly enjoys helping others gain insight into their lives in order to help them overcome obstacles and clear a path to a healthier, body, mind and spirit. She discovered Reiki in 2004 when she was introduced to it by a close friend, feeling an immediate attraction. It was then that she decided to help others with this tremendous gift and began her studies. She is committed to helping others through her business Ray of Light Tarot and Reiki.

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Client Testimonials:

"I felt the reading was full of thought and reaffirmed my situation, and in turn, gave validation to me and my way of dealing with it." Marla L.

"Machelle's reading was specific, insightful and completely accurate!" Linda B.

"I thoroughly enjoyed Machelle's sparkle as she read cards for me. The information was accurate, and translated into undeniably sound advice, intuitive and grounded." Cynthia W.