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Mavis A.

Tarot, Qabalah, Spiritual Guidance

Mavis noticed her gifts as a child when she heard angels and spirit guides whisper to her as she tried to sleep at night. She would go outside and sleep under the stars because she found comfort feeling the warm summer breeze on her face. The wind always brought stories of what was and what was to become.

As a corporate coach, Mavis found ways to use her intuitive talents to help others find their inner strengths and create the vision of what they wanted to do with their lives. Knowing energy, Mavis realized she could help change the corporate world’s angry, fear- based energy to a calm environment, in tune with the energies of the earth. With her gifts and natural talents she can guide you in recognizing why things happen and how to bring compassion, success and balance into your life.

She has studied Tarot, Qabalah, Egyptian mysticism and other Western mystical and magical systems. In addition, Mavis has an extensive background in Curanderismo, Aztec Indigenous Medicine, Tao Energetics, Qigong Medicine, Psych-K, DNA Activation, Language of Light, Masters Healing System, Crystology, Merkaba and Flower of Life, Healing the Light Body, Time-Line Therapy, and Sacred Contracts. She also holds a BA in English and Chicano Studies from Denver Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado.

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