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Meghan S.

Empathic Clairvoyance, Dream Interpretation

I am an empath and clairvoyant. As a child I always spoke with a higher presence that I established as God and this presence has always helped to guide me, give me insight, and protect me. I began learning at an early age that I could see and feel things that others couldn't. I had always been interested in the afterlife and stories of the supernatural and I was reading about these things as soon as I could read. When I turned 15 years old I became clairaudient and clairvoyant and I was experiencing spirit communication on a new level.

My family is a big reason why I am here on this path today as my abilities have been carried through a female heritage. I am definitely a fourth generation occultist, psychic and healer, although we trace ourselves back as far as eight generations of women as a possibility of carrying on our ancient traditions. We have a very strong female bloodline and the women are the ones who have the strongest of the psychic ablitites in our family. I was born and raised in the south which was difficult for my family to practice the things we did because of ridicule and discrimination against these beliefs, so four generations of our heritage has been kept secretive until today. My grandmother and my mother have handed down the stories and the traditions of the women in our family and I learned about our Celtic ancestry and the Celtic traditions we continued to practice and carry on through our female bloodline. I am happy to be able to share these talents and utilize them to help people the way my family has taught me to, to help carry on our traditions.

My specialties include dreams and dream interpretation, gemstones and their vibrations, spiritual and religious counseling (I like to help people find the philosophies that would help them on their spiritul quest), the occult, and the healing arts. I am a very lucid dreamer and I have been having precognitive dreams since I was a child. I have studied dreams from the Jungian school of thought and I also help people to open up more to remembering their dreams. I started studying dreams when I was 15 years old and I continue to study and read about them to this day. I also have a passion for gemstones! I have been studying geology as a hobby for 12 years now and I am happy to give advice onhow to use gemstones to help balance out the subtlebodies and to help the flow of energy in your home. I have been studying religions all my life and I have been able to help counsel people who are not sure they are happy with the religion they have been studying. When we are changing our beliefs it can be an unsure and intimidating experience. I have made that transition before and I have been able to comfortably find the path I was looking for. I believe there are many different ways to celebrate life so I am happy to help others find better answers to their questions. I am a fan of the occult because it encompasses a wide array of subjects about the supernatural and the metaphysical.

In the healing arts I have been initiated as a Deeksha giver. A Deeksha is a blessing to recieve more balance and harmony in your life. You may set an intention to recieve any kind of blessing you feel you need for harmony and balance. The blessing is intended to help people recieve a positive frame of mind in order to put more joy into the Universal subconscious for everyone to begin to share. They are also called the Oness Blessings, because they put us at a state of "Oneness" with eachother in order to give more harmony and balance. I am happy to be with Isis and I look forward to sharing my gifts with everyone in order to help them.

As a corporate coach, Mavis found ways to use her intuitive talents to help others find their inner strengths and create the vision of what they wanted to do with their lives. Knowing energy, Mavis realized she could help change the corporate world’s angry, fear- based energy to a calm environment, in tune with the energies of the earth. With her gifts and natural talents she can guide you in recognizing why things happen and how to bring compassion, success and balance into your life.

She has studied Tarot, Qabalah, Egyptian mysticism and other Western mystical and magical systems. In addition, Mavis has an extensive background in Curanderismo, Aztec Indigenous Medicine, Tao Energetics, Qigong Medicine, Psych-K, DNA Activation, Language of Light, Masters Healing System, Crystology, Merkaba and Flower of Life, Healing the Light Body, Time-Line Therapy, and Sacred Contracts. She also holds a BA in English and Chicano Studies from Denver Metropolitan State College in Denver, Colorado.

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Client Testimonials:

"Meghan was kind enough to give me a reading a few weeks ago. I basically left it up to her to tell me what I should know. I asked no questions. The information she gave me was incredibly right on the mark. She brought up things that we had never discussed and felt I needed to know in order to move forward. In the weeks since my reading, many of the issues that came up have come true and I am grateful to her for helping me through a rather tough transition. I would recommend Meghan to anyone and everyone who desires a reading." Janice C.

"Meghan is a superb reader. She was completely accurate and insightful. She answered questions and touched on areas I was wondering about - but didn't mention. I received an incredible amount of helpful information, including suggestions to help optimize the reading. When the reading was over, she asked whether I had any questions. I did. The answers were also extremely insightful and gave me information which absolutely helpful and accurate. I would strongly recommend Meghan as a reader to anyone seeking a professional, and insightful reading from a delightful and empathetic counselor." Katey L.

"The reading I received from Meghan has helped me in many ways, and is still continuing to help. She has pure energy and she opened me to myself. I am still benefiting from that reading and wish I could give her something of actual value beyond money for her trouble." Patrick P.