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Psychic Sue

Spiritualist, Tarot, Reiki, Energy Balancing

Psychic Sue is a fourth generation Spiritualist, who was raised in a Spiritualist/Christian Church, affiliated w/The National Spiritualist Assoc. As an educator she is an Intuition Training Instructor, Guest Teacher for Gifted and Talented and provides Artist-In-Residence Programs. She is an Attuned Reiki Practitioner and Certified Psychic and Platform Medium.

Sue is available for Psychic and Tarot Readings: An experienced professional for 15 years including Healing Hearts Metaphysical Store in Manitou Springs, The Center for Powerful Living, Celebration Conscious Living in Colorado Springs, and Alternative Changes Productions Metaphysical Fairs in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.

Intuition Training Instructor: teaching new ways to access your intuition and coaching on how to apply it in your daily life. The opportunity to experience different approaches to intuiting and connecting to your “inner voice” through guided meditations, journaling and visualizations. Intuition classes and workshops are offered frequently and Sue is also available for private coaching in person, by phone and online.

Presentation Coach: Sue also works with a variety of speakers, actors, teachers, salespeople, wholistic practitioners in both the writing and delivery of their presentations. Vocal proficiency and development of their message impacts their effectiveness.

Energy Balancing: a healing process used to balance your energy with the use of reiki, visualization and emotional release techniques. This is a laying on of hands healing, in person.

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Client Testimonials:

"I have known Sue for many years and throughout those years I have been fortunate to have received numerous readings from her both in person and on the phone. Whether it's a standard tarot reading or an Akashi reading or a psychic reading Sue is always informed, patient, kind and funny! Over the years I have learned so much from her readings and have been able to apply that knowledge to both my personal and professional life. She is always looking for something new to learn so she can share if with those of us that are lucky enough. In the recent years due to our distance to each other, we have mostly been dong readings over the phone and she is so good at it that I have come to prefer them to the personal readings. Sue would be an asset to any group or company. They would be lucky to have her on their team." RICHARD HOCHBERG, writer/director

"I have been to many psychics all over the world from my native Australia to Nepal, India, Kashmir, California, Hawaii, Arizona, Oregon, Africa, South America and all over Europe, but Sue's readings have been the most meaningful, significant, insightful and accurate I have ever experienced. Sue also has a way of connecting with you so well that your energy naturally flows to allow for a more powerful and connective reading and experience." Gary Scott, Adventure Travel Guide

"About a year ago, I received a reading from Sue about my young granddaughter. My granddaughter is a vivacious child with some unusual abilities, and she is a child that many people notice and appreciate. So I asked for the reading to help with giving her support in ways that I might not know about. Sure enough, Sue notices and tells me that she appears to have the ability to "channel". This was a surprise, but not really a surprise for me. Just the kind of information I was looking for. We do encourage her to share her dreams in the mornings, and talk about what they might mean. She likes this. Sue also mentioned that she might have issues with attention at school. We are seeing a bit of this with her, and I am helping her with how to focus and stay on-task with learning situations. My granddaughter is very bright, intelligent but can use some help in this area. Sue gave a very accurate and helpful reading for us, leading to things immediately useable and for later developments in the future. I highly recommend Sue for questions that anyone might have for her concerning matters of both the spiritual and the physical planes." Richlyn M.