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Suzy Em

Clairvoyant, Medium, Messenger, Psychic

I am a clairvoyant, medium, messenger, psychic. I am an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER ® certified by Doreen Virtue along with having a nursing profession of RN, BSN, specializing in hospice nursing. In the past I have done workshops dealing with emotional abuse. I receive messages and clarity provided by the vibrational energy of your name along with the assistance of guides, deceased loved ones and angels. The messages provide hope and inspiration.

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Client Testimonials:

"Susan is one of the best psychics I have ever had a reading from. I have been involved in Metaphysics for over 30 years, during which I have come in contact with a large number of gifted intuitives and healers. Susan Emmett ranks up there with the best of them. Susan has the ability to focus on the situation at hand, and tell you (lovingly, yet frankly) what is most needed at this time for your growth and progress. She is totally loving and empathetic, in her approach, however she is also honest straight forward. I am delighted to recommend Susan Emmett for any reading needs one has. She is just great!" Rev. Fredda K. Laurel

"When I went to Suzy I really didn't know what to expect. I had questions prepared and I was looking for answers. What I got was a safe and nurturing environment as things that I has suppressed came bubbling to the surface I felt a clarity that I hadn't anticipated. She was able to gently tell me exactly what I needed to hear without being harsh or holding back. I felt an immediate weight lift and a shift in my energy so much so that I was able to take immediate steps in the direction of healing my life. Thanks so much Suzy" Sincerely and Truly ~~~ Elizabeth., Denver, CO

"Suzy's energy and light drew me in when we first connected. Her reading was informative and was right on the mark for me at that moment in time. The insights she shared about me have resonated so strongly to assist and make some sense to my life as I continue forward on my journey. I look forward to our paths crossing again." Sue C.

"Suzy is a gifted intuitive and medium who used her psychic abilities to lovingly connect me with recently deceased family members, my angels and my Spirit Guide. She acts as that bridge between the worlds and has helped me gain a deeper understanding of my "self". Her compassion, sense of humor, and her wisdom have served me most profoundly in my personal work on self-love and self-empowerment" Linda U, Lakewood CO