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Intuitive, Medium, Spiritual Coaching

Diana truly loves giving intuitive readings, teaching and spiritual coaching. She is a third generation psychic/medium and a second generation palm reader, and has been working as a reader for 30 years. “I love being a conduit for Spirit! There is so much to learn, give and receive! I am blessed to be a tool for our higher good!”

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Client Testimonials:

“You are awesome! Laurel was truly blown away by her reading with you this morning!” Chris K

“Thank you for your many insights and wisdom and humor. You are a joy to my heart” Joan Z.

“Thank you for having such a huge impact on my life the past two years. You have brought me a sense of peace and happiness into my life. You have the lives of all the people you come into contact- your spirit radiates!” Janice T.

“Thank you for sharing your time and talent with me Tuesday. It really helped to talk with you!” Mary A.