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Diane W

Intuitive Guidance, Numerology, Life Direction, Love, Relationships, Business, Health Vulernerabilities

Diane Wood is a Guidance Coach specializing in the ancient tools of Palmistry and Numerology. She has been involved in metaphysical studies & energy healing practices for 40 years.

Your personal numbers, hands and face provide pointers on how to get back on track from life's roadblocks. Diane’s empathic-healing nature allows you to see your life with new perspective. She provides you with detailed event-specific information within your relationships, love, business, money issues and health vulnerabilities.

Please visit her website for additional information:
Diane is available at Isis on Mondays from 11 am to 6:30 pm OR call 405-626-1590 to schedule your appointment!

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Client Testimonials:

"Diane is hands down the best intuitive reader that I have ever gone to! She is genuine, sincere, and definitely the real deal! I was amazed during my reading with her how accurately she knew my husband ( whom she had never met ) like a mother would know her own child, just by knowing his full name and birth date! I'm so thankful to have met Diane, the reading she gave me was so insightful and has made a positive impact in my life - from my health, to my finances, to my marriage! If you are ready to make some positive changes in your life, a reading from Diane will get you on your way!!!!" Reina F., OK

"What a wonderful nudge from the universe. I could immediately sense Diane's incredible energy. She has this gentle was almost as if I knew her already. Her reading was truly hit on the critical issues I was dealing with in that moment, as well as things about me that no other reader had ever touched on. It was unlike any other reading I have ever had (and I've had a few.) Diane is truly a gifted intuitive. I cannot recommend her more highly." Arianna Gray, TX

"Not all readings are created equal. Diane's was exceptional! Her finely tuned intuition and ability to tap into detail were amazing. The reading I had with her was very special, personal, insightful, accurate, and authentic. I would highly recommend Diane's services and look very forward to meeting with her again in the future. Thank you Diane! You are a beautiful creature and I feel blessed to have met you!" Savannah Blake, OK

"Upon our first meeting, Diane revealed very important life lessons and obstacles that I needed to work on in this lifetime. She brought to my recognition the importance of my mission(s) on Earth at this time. She also briefly spoke of my past incarnations, an how they would be affecting me in this lifetime. With every session Diane reveals month-by-month information, and what to expect for that year. I couldn't imagine taking on this journey without Diane's God given abilities. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing soul in my life. I strongly recommend Diane for any one, of any age!" Zanna C., OK