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Eric Hughes

Astrology, Tarot, Relationship Compatibility, Event Timing

Eric uses astrology to provide intuitive, authentic and inspiring readings. After 20 years of study and mastery in Astrology and Tarot, he is able to convey to you the lessons that you chose for your life path. He uses his unique system of Astrology to empower you by helping you to understand your life more clearly. In doing so, you can successfully navigate the shifting tides of your life. He specializes in giving guidance to ensure your maximum success. Eric can also reveal the causes behind your problems and help you find simple solutions that are compatible with your unique birth chart. In addition, he can help you make decisions that will give you the edge you are looking for. He specializes in Astrology Birth Chart Readings, Tarot Readings, Forecasting, Compatibility, Event Timing, Relocational Astrology, and Horary Astrology.

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Client Testimonials:

"Eric Hughes's astrological knowledge and wisdom have clarified, validated and expanded my understanding of the direct energetic link between the Universe and the Earth plane. His clear articulation of astrological signs and warnings, messages and guidance is a catalyst in my personal and professional decision-making process." Claudia, Business Owner

"I feel like the session really helped me to make up my mind of various levels... I also felt more secure and confident with myself after the session...." Sarah, Counselor

"Finding Eric was such a blessing to us and our business!... It is unthinkable to do business without regular consultations with Eric." Maggie and Nigel Percy, Business Owners

"Through my journey, I have met many gifted and talented individuals who were brought into my life. Eric Hughes is at the top of my list for his in-depth analysis and intuitive astrology chart readings. Time and again, he proves to tap into the cosmos to relay accurate and guiding knowledge for my journey." Kevin, Entrepreneur