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Rev. Ivy Chapman

Sensative, Empathic, Tarot, Claircognizant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Decision Making

I bring 35 years of tarot studies and my gifts of clear-knowing (claircognizance), clear-hearing (clairaudience) and clear-sensing (clairsentience) to my readings. I am an empathic and an intuitive. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, and a legally ordained Wiccan Reverend and High Priestess. I use all of my knowledge, experience and skills in providing a synergistic approach to reading the tarot cards for you.

I am easy to speak with and I deliver the cards’ messages to you in a clear straightforward manner. Practical applications of the cards’ messages that you can implement into your daily life are also provided for you whenever possible.

The tarot card readings I provide are much more than just a description of what you can expect in the future. We can also look at what your best course of action would be to facilitate success and happiness in your undertakings.

I assist you in bringing your body, mind and spirit into harmony. I offer you: Clarity into the processes you are currently experiencing in your life. Possible solutions to the challenges you are facing. Suggestions on actions you can take to improve your situation, thus empowering yourself. And I offer you understanding.

With this information you will be able to put your mind at ease. You will gain a positive focus in your life and new possibilities, not yet considered, may very possibly be revealed to you.

As a Wiccan Reverend and High Priestess I am adept at spell casting and can also provide you with consultations on spell casting so you can do the work for yourself.

I look forward to our conversations, call or schedule an appointment with me now!

Deep peace

Rev. Ivy Chapman

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Client Testimonials:

"Rev. Ivy brings her experience, wisdom, and extra large soul and heart to the table when she reads the cards. As is often the case, we feel it in our being and bodies when the truth is being pronounced with vision, soul, and compassion. This was my experience as Rev. Ivy read the cards for me. More simply put: her reading for me was both on point and spiritual inspiring." Thank you Rev. Ivy!!! Wendy G.

"Although I am no longer surprised when Ivy seems to see a picture of what's going on in my life before I even mention it to her, I am still consistently amazed. After getting a tarot reading at a psychic fair for fun, the information I received was so insightful, so accurate and compelling, that I found myself coming to her again and again. Whenever I'm confronted with a situation I'm not sure how to approach or feel painted into a corner, I schedule a reading. Whether in person or over the phone, she provides me with interpretation and insight that makes me feel better equipped to make an informed decision about the events in my life. I feel empowered knowing I can contact her. Ivy has been a guiding light in my life and I feel grateful for her intuition and wisdom over the last several years; I look forward to contacting her for the years to come." Marie K.

"I have found Ivy to be very accurate in predicting my life’s course, which has been reassuring, helping me not to worry. Be open to hearing the truth when you receive a reading from Ivy, especially if what she tells you is something you never anticipated hearing. Ivy is ‘spot on’. She is an excellent reader." Thank you for insight Rev. Ivy! Eva B.

"I’ve had the honor of knowing Ivy for over twenty years. She is a dedicated and skilled priestess of the craft. As a reader, she is intuitive and precise. I have received many readings from her as well as having referred both friends and clients to her. Ivy’s presence and energy is confident, calm, professional and very much “in tune” with the cards. She is also very good at ‘educating’ the client about the cards, how they work and her understanding of it all. A first time client and/or someone unfamiliar with the craft would be very comfortable with her; a seasoned witch would be instantly aware and confident in Ivy’s obvious experience and skills." Susan P.