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Jacqueline Weller

Spirit Guides, Tarot, Pendulum, Dream Interpretation, Past Lives

Drawing from the past, present and future, I can help you find answers to your questions about your life purpose, spiritual path, work or business, relationships, health, past lives and more. I use the tarot and pendulum as my main divinatory tools, channeling the information from my spirit guides. I’ve been doing professional psychic readings for over 25 years and worked for a dozen years as a psychotherapist. From my experience as a priestess, healer, spiritual counselor and teacher, I can make suggestions to help you improve your own ability to work with your own Divine Guidance. If desired, I can recommend techniques or exercises to help you change your life, to increase your success and your happiness. I can also help you contact family, friends or loved ones who have passed to the afterlife. I have many spiritual tools available to help you grow and prosper.

For many years I have provided advice for relationships and romance, many times giving couple’s readings to help make decisions about marriage and partnerships. I also counsel people about finding the most successful career and in making business decisions. One of my favorite types of readings gives my clients information about their life’s purpose and how they can attain their goals.

In addition to using the Tarot and Pendulum, I also channel spirit and angel guides, interpret dreams and can help clients discover and understand past lives they have lived.

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Client Testimonials:

"Jackie has been reading for me for 10 years, in person and by telephone. She has helped me through enormous personal difficulties and has not only been able to tell me what will happen, but what I should do when it does. I have had several psychic readers and Jackie has always been accurate and has told me things that I never thought possible. She is a warm, delightful, intelligent and engaging woman. Always honest and forthright. I count myself privileged to know Jackie and trust her completely." Ruth A.

"I not only have always gotten a great reading from Jackie but I also benefited from her extensive knowledge as a healer and experience as a psychotherapist.  She is compassionate, insightful, extremely knowledgeable and is a great resource to draw upon. I also enjoy her sense of humor. I find my sessions with Jackie to not only be informative but I always leave feeling better connected spiritually and to myself." Rinat G.

"I have known Jackie Weller for almost 10 years now and have had many, many readings from her during that time, on a variety of topics. I have found her readings to be very accurate and insightful. Her methods are straight-forward and easy to follow and understand.  She is respectful, compassionate, and open-minded in her demeanor and interactions during her readings.  I would highly recommend her as a gifted psychic." Cynthia L.