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Jennifer Garcia

Intuitive, Teacher and Spirit Medium

Jennifer K. Garcia is an Intuitive, Teacher and Spirit Medium who is dedicated to helping you gain a deeper perspective and understanding in your everyday life. She is committed to teaching you how to be more fulfilled and have a happier life by connecting to your soul compass. Whether it’s personal, family or professional, she has a passion for providing guidance and helping you understand the meanings and messages in in all areas of life’s biggest challenges.

In Jennifer's previous life's work she used her intuition and clairvoyant abilities as a way to grow, succeed and become a top performer within several fortune 500 organizations. She had a very successful business management, consulting and sales career. Jennifer has been teaching individuals and teams in the corporate environment for over 13 years.

Through her own intuitive guidance, she made a significant life change. Today, she owns a thriving private practice, teaching workshops how to live a more authentic life. She is an Intuitive coach and specializes in soul readings from the Akashic Records.

Jennifer read’s the energy of situations and brings about the most positive and enlightening possibility or path. She empowers individual’s to make better decision based on the information given and your own internal compass.

Her goal is to help people just like you open up to a higher state of living and being.

Jennifer looks forward to speaking with you soon!

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Client Testimonials:

"I've met and consulted a variety of psychics/intuitives/clairvoyants. As a psychic intuitive myself, I can usually tell when another psychic is the real deal. Their words carry the ring of truth and they also provide spot-on hits which validate their abilities. I obtained a reading from Jennifer Garcia last week and wow, she's probably the FIRST psychic that actually surprised me with the specific information she provided. Stuff I've never mentioned to anybody, all of it absolutely right on. I think my mouth dropped open at one point. Given that I hang out with a lot of psychics --- that's saying a lot. I will definitely be consulting her again, and cannot recommend her enough." Crys A.

"In one word: genuine. She was spot-on with everything she said. I would recommend her to anyone; skeptic or believer. She even made sure all my questions were answered before I left. I'm one very satisfied customer!" Erin D.

"I've had the experience of having many “psychic readings” in my life. However, the experience I had when I met with Jennifer was life changing. I also am a psychic, and as such I'm very good at discerning when someone has an extraordinary gift to help others. Jennifer is such a person. Her insights stem from not only the psychic realm, but from her heart. She has the ability to convey information with truth, love, compassion and is also able to reaffirm a perhaps much needed impetus from the spirit world to help you get your act together, when she's been directed to do so. Each reading I've had from Jennifer has been spot on, loving, guiding and compassionate. I trust her and will always seek her when I need counsel." Teri Enroughty