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John78 knew he was different psychically as a child, he begin a life long reading project in the subject of metaphysics. This later included a goal of reading 78 books on the subject of the TAROT of which, he has completed 68. He started studying the Tarot and reading cards professionally some 10 years ago. It seemed the most reasonable use for his B.A. in Psychology from an obscure state college in southern Colorado.

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Client Testimonials:

"John has given me at least four readings and each time they have both confirmed things that are gong on, as well as helped me to continue on the right path with the direction to head in, in order to help things unfold in my life that I have been experiencing and working on. John has also preformed some long distance readings for my 10 year old nephew when his cat went missing. Bringing great comfort to my nephew durring his loss. This brought a lot of comfort to his mother as well." Della

"John has been doing readings for me for almost 10 years. Even though I read my own tarot cards, John always sees something more than I see in the cards. His style is unique and his delivery very entertaining. His analysis of the spread is very thorough and makes you think of all the elements affecting the outcome for the question you are asking, including the timing elements. I'd recommend him to anyone seeking a direct and thought provoking tarot card reading." Sheryl S.