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Eric Hughes AstrologerBy Astrologer Eric Hughes. Click here to read his bio and get your personal astrological forecast for December.

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GENERAL FORECAST: This month the planets provide us with a very unique astrological configuration known as a mutual reception. This occurs when two planets are in aspect and are residing in the sign that the other planet normally 'rules'. Thus, this month we have Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio making a harmonious sextile aspect. The mutual reception gives this aspect added power. However, that’s not all! This month, Venus aligns with Saturn and Mars aligns with Pluto for even more firepower. So what does all of this mean? In general, it indicates that we have a rock-solid opportunity to finally get rid of our issues and focus upon creating our lives in the way that we’ve hoped for in our dreams. The Scorpio and Capricorn energy combined make a fantastic team that empower us to be more disciplined and focused upon our goals along with a fierce determination to conquer all obstacles that stand in our way.

Listed below is the specific forecast for each sun sign. If you know your astrology rising sign, please read that as well. The vast majority of the time you will find it to be more accurate. Also, if you would like to Call Me for an even more personalized lunar return which is a 30 day outlook reading based on your personal birth chart, I can do that in about 8-10 minutes on as long as you have your accurate time of birth.

Aries ImageYour passion and intensity is very high this month in all matters pertaining to advancing yourself in your career and finances. In addition, this is an excellent month to kick-start a project that you’ve been thinking about for a while. Now is the time to really go for it.

TaurusRelationships are in focus for you this month. You’re really yearning to connect to others in a deeper way. Just as long as you’re willing to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone and share your true thoughts and feelings, you will find your relationships transforming in very meaningful ways.

GeminiYou’re very committed to catching up on your long list of tasks that have fallen by the wayside this month. In many ways, you can be a true workaholic, so do your best to pace yourself and find a good balance between work and play. Otherwise, you could find yourself quite burned out by the end of the month.

CancerYou could definitely find that there’s a strong need to truly and honestly express yourself in your closest relationships. If you’ve been holding back your truth in order to avoid hurting someone else’s feelings, you must realize that in return you’re hurting yourself in the process. Speak your truth with firm resolve yet with kindness. The truth will indeed set you both free.

LeoDealing with family issues is a key theme for you this month. Of course, some of this stuff would be easy to just side-step, but now is a great time for you to work towards healing old hurts and wounds. If you’re ready and willing, forgiveness of these things is definitely a possibility. At the very least, you have a real opportunity to make peace with the past.

VirgoYour communication skills are top-notch this month. Not only will you come across to others as being intelligent and articulate, but you will be able to convey your thoughts and feelings with a lot of warmth and enthusiasm. Thus, public speaking is favored as well as dealing with the public via sales demonstrations of some sort. Lastly, if you have any writing inclinations, you could be quite prolific this month.

LibraYou’re really pushing yourself hard this month. You are truly working to improve your lot in life and you are feeling fiercely determined to do whatever it takes to find true success. Thus, your focus, discipline, and motivation are top-notch. You will, however, feel more liking working alone than you usually do.

ScorpioThis looks to be a pretty joyful month for you overall. You’re feeling not only a serious resolve to improve your life, but also a wonderful child-like enthusiasm that anything is possible. Work with this positive energy as closely as you can while you keep marching forward. The results are bound to be very positive in the long-run.

SagittariusHappy birthday Sagittarius! This month you’re feeling a bit more contemplative than usual. Thus, this last month of the year is an ideal time for you to reflect upon your life, the lessons that you’ve learned, and your hopes for the future. Think of this month as a period where you give yourself permission to relax and hit the reset button. Next month, you will be recharged and ready to go forth and conquer!

CapricornYou’re feeling pretty intense and emotional this month. It really all depends upon how you choose to look at things in your life because this energy that you’re feeling could swing you toward anger and/or depression. On the other hand, if you realize that you truly have the power to choose what you focus upon, then this month can see you using your emotional intensity to focus upon enthusiastically achieving your dreams. As always, this choice is yours.

AquariusYou’re feeling very motivated to achieve your dreams within your career. However, you could at times be pushing too hard and/or trying to force things to completion. Take a deep breath during these times and realize that patience and tenacity are virtues that will get you to the Promised Land.

PiscesThis month you could definitely be searching for truth. This is especially true in regards to your hopes and dreams in life. Thus, you could find yourself seriously seeking to understand if they will truly lead to your greater empowerment and happiness or if you’ve simply been kidding yourself. Either way, the truth shall truly set you free.



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