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Past life, Past LIves, Past Lives Reading

In a Past Life Reading, a psychic will look into your past lives for you and relate that information to you. One of the keys to a good past life reading is the ability of the psychic to perceive the emotional and energy response of the client to the past life information revealed. This is important because unresolved emotional issues that are carried from one life to another can be either blockages or guideposts on your individual path. Whether an issue is a guidepost or a blockage depends only on the level of awareness and open-mindedness with which it is approached. A past life reading can be a powerful means of breaking through to new levels of consciousness.

Remembering our past lives is a valuable gift. When we know our karma, we can take action in thought, word and deed, to balance that energy and uplift ourselves spiritually. Knowing about past relationships with people we are with again today is very helpful, too. Having conscious knowledge about actions that have occurred in past lives allows us to balance the karma with that person and go forward into future lifetimes with them in a positive, clear fashion. Engaging in a past life reading can also bring comfort and release. If you have fears that seem unfounded in anything you have experienced in this lifetime, those fears may be from unconscious past life memories. Health issues, emotional problems, difficulty connecting with others, success being snatched away for no apparent reason all may have connections to your past lives and can be revealed through a past life reading.

One of the real values of a past life reading is discovering exactly what type of karmic debt that you came into this lifetime to balance and resolve. What is karma and how does it manifest? Karma means "action" in Sanskrit. According to the teachings of Buddha, the circumstances of one's birth, both fortunate and unfortunate, are the direct result of past life karma. Every virtuous and non-virtuous word, thought, or action creates an energy imprint which at some point will be reflected back as either positive or negative karma.

It is the karma of action that holds more consequence than the karma of thought. Also,it is one's intention, or mental attitude, that largely determines the weight of the karma. For example, one's motivation in helping someone would be more pure if it arose from a place of compassion instead of duty. Likewise, a premeditated harmful action would bear more karmic results than harmful action that was impulsive. Thus, the purer the motivation, the stronger the manifestation of the karma.

The mind, although formless, is a separate entity from the body. After the body passes away at death, the mind does not cease, but passes into a deeper subconscious state. In this state, past karma, both positive and negative, arises in the mind-essence. When it is time, one readies to re-incarnate and rebirth follows to fulfill that karma. It is a misconception to think that karma has to follow a linear path - karma can ripen many lifetimes after the particular life in which it was created.

Many times difficulties seem to arise out of nowhere. Our usual response is to complain or blame, which is a negative response to the already negative karma manifesting from our past. That kind of response creates even more negative karma. A more conscious reaction when we are having difficulties, is to accept the blame, as it is our actions from the past that created the present difficulty. We should not have harsh thoughts or actions towards ourselves or anyone else regarding the matter. We create positive karma when we respond positively to the negative. Many times this can also clear the effect of the particular negative karma. And when we are experiencing the effects of positive karma - when things are going well in our lives - we should use the time to further develop spiritual balance, so that when faced with difficult challenges again, we have the ability to respond with more acceptance and patience. We have this potential at every moment of our lives.


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