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Our current staff of psychics, intuitives, clairvoyants and seers has a combined 250 years of practical experience in giving quality psychic insight. See what other Denver's Best Psychics users have to say:

~ Gina has the uncanny knack for knowing exactly what you need at a soul level. I met her through a recommendation from someone I trust and I'm so happy I went to see her. Gina will tell it to you straight and her words are for your best "good". No fluff here just love and honesty. I'm blessed to know this strong, amazing, insightful woman. Rachel S.

~ The reading I received from Meghan has helped me in many ways, and is still continuing to help. She has pure energy and she opened me to myself. I am still benefiting from that reading and wish I could give her something of actual value beyond money for her trouble. Patrick P.

~ Kami has offered me unique insights in her readings by drawing from not only what is in the cards but from her clairaudient abilities as well. She is sensitive and creates a sense of peace during even difficult readings. I have had pleasant experiences with Kami as a reader and a spiritual counselor as she has brought forth not only her wisdom, abilities, vast knowledge, but her humor as well. I have seen several readers throughout my life, and I have found Kami to be one of the exceptional ones as she is a natural counselor whose readings flow and delve into the pragmatic world as well as the spiritual world thus creating a sense of confidence and truth. Denise.

~ I have known Jackie Weller for almost 10 years now and have had many, many readings from her during that time, on a variety of topics. I have found her readings to be very accurate and insightful. Her methods are straight-forward and easy to follow and understand.  She is respectful, compassionate, and open-minded in her demeanor and interactions during her readings.  I would highly recommend her as a gifted psychic. Cynthia L.

~ I have known Nancy Batty for about five years. She works at a metaphysical shop I have attended throughout my life. I have consulted Nancy with various requests during this time. I would highly recommend her to anyone for her psychic ability and gift to read tea leaves. Her foresight has left me breathless and her diligence towards her gifts in awe. Chantel S.

~ Thank you Diana for having such a huge impact on my life the past two years. You have brought me a sense of peace and happiness into my life. You have the lives of all the people you come into contact- your spirit radiates! Janice T.

~ Eric Hughes's astrological knowledge and wisdom have clarified, validated and expanded my understanding of the direct energetic link between the Universe and the Earth plane. His clear articulation of astrological signs and warnings, messages and guidance is a catalyst in my personal and professional decision-making process. Claudia

~ I've met and consulted a variety of psychics/intuitives/clairvoyants. As a psychic intuitive myself, I can usually tell when another psychic is the real deal. Their words carry the ring of truth and they also provide spot-on hits which validate their abilities. I obtained a reading from Jennifer Garcia last week and wow, she's probably the FIRST psychic that actually surprised me with the specific information she provided. Stuff I've never mentioned to anybody, all of it absolutely right on. I think my mouth dropped open at one point. Given that I hang out with a lot of psychics --- that's saying a lot. I will definitely be consulting her again, and cannot recommend her enough. Crys A.

~ I thoroughly enjoyed Machelle's sparkle as she read cards for me. The information was accurate, and translated into undeniably sound advice, intuitive and grounded Cynthia W.

~ Are you frustrated with what seems to be an array of dead ends in your life or are you looking for a way to breakthrough lifelong obstacles? No matter what you might be experiencing I invite you to spend some time with Gina. Working with her was like turning the lights on in a dark room. Rolando S.

~ Gina, I wanted to thank you properly for blessing me with your reading and wisdom. I took in whole-heartedly what you and the coins were saying. Be strong in myself and not let others influence me. Also that I am loving and lovable and so is my mother but we have a veil in consciousness that needs to be shifted. I appreciate your straight forward advise and caring nature. It went along way in nourishing me. As I move through this shift I would like to call on you again for support if needed. Best wishes and Happy New Year, Marnie B.

~Through my journey, I have met many gifted and talented individuals who were brought into my life. Eric Hughes is at the top of my list for his in-depth analysis and intuitive astrology chart readings. Time and again, he proves to tap into the cosmos to relay accurate and guiding knowledge for my journey. Kevin, Entrepreneur



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